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Internet Awards

This Page Last Updated: December 31, 2017

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Welcome to our Internet Awards Page -- the area of our website that we have dedicated to displaying trophies that were given to us.

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Our Train-Related Trophy Case
The Smokin' Award at smokin.kvrr.net The Web Gem Award The 2007 N Scale Award The Roundhouse of Recognition Award The Green Light Award
The High Ball Award The MiniTrain Award Dave's Tracks of Excellence Award Railway Resources Award The Nutsplitter Award

Our Trophy Case for Other Awards
The Web Select Award The 2003-4 Golden Web Award The Links2Go Award The Critical Mass Award The Great Award

In some cases we had to apply for the trophy and in other cases we were approached by the sponsoring website. The criteria varies from award to award and therefore some of the trophies are more meaningful than others. However we will continue to be proactive in seeking out the right to display these Internet honors as we are always interested in finding out what others think of our website.

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About the Awards
The Smokin' Award The "Smokin' Award" came from the (now-defunct) Ol' Hook & Eye website. This website had established criteria for presenting the "Smokin' Award" to railroad-related websites. Each website was graded on a point system: 40% of the grade was based on content; the remaining 60% was based on design, interface and accessibility.
The Web Gem Award This award came from TrainNet.org -- a website with prescribed criteria for granting the "Web Gem Award" to railroad-oriented websites. The TrainNet staff are all involved in railroading.
The 2007 N Scale Award This award came from the (now-defunct) All Aboard N Scale Trains website -- a place to find information on N scale train layouts, join a group, or just check out the links and pictures. Awards were granted to well-designed websites containing train-related material that was displayed in an "eye-catching" manner.
The Roundhouse of Recognition Award This award also came from the (now-defunct) Ol' Hook & Eye website. The "Roundhouse of Recognition" badge of honor was created as part of a program to pay tribute to those websites (with railroad interests) that had been credited by other awardmasters with five or more awards. That recognition system was created specifically to acknowledge websites that had achieved the distinction of earning multiple independent awards.
The Green Light Award This award came from the Tandem Associates website, which is a valuable online resource for Lionel and American Flyer electric train collectors and operators. The "Green Light Award Program" recognizes website creators who have built extraordinary sites on the web about trains or their model variants. There is an established set of criteria for presenting this award" to train-related, family friendly websites. Each website is graded on a point system based on these categories: content, construction, navigation & design plus a special discretionary bonus section.
Railway Resources Award This award came from Steve's Railway Pages -- a (now-defunct) website that was established to serve the model railway community by providing useful information on model railways. Awards were provided to those sites providing extensive information on their given topic and therefore recognized to be excellent resources for model and prototype railway information. Dave's Trains received the award because of the Soviet Union Trains section of our website.
MiniTrain Award This award came from the (now-defunct) Minitrains website. It was given to sites that met the following criteria: 1) the website was updated often with new photos and/or information; 2) the website contained information on miniature and/or Narrow Gauge Railways and/or model railways; 3) the website was well designed with interesting and useful content. Each website was reviewed by two judges. Award-winning sites were listed on the Minitrains website and were rated using a 5-star system. Those sites were re-examined periodically and the rating was altered accordingly.
The High Ball Award The "Highball Award" was created by the (now-defunct) Train Gifs Station website as a way to recognize and reward outstanding websites that dealt specifically with railroad and rail-oriented topics. They had established, published criteria for bestowing the "Highball Award" to websites that could pass the rigorous requirements. Using a point system, the total score was based on content, design, ease of use and functionality.
Dave's Tracks of Excellence Award The "Tracks of Excellence Award" was created by David Worrall, an individual who created a (now-defunct) website dedicated to model and prototype trains. The criteria for the award was subjective but in general was granted to those websites that were deemed to be professional and family oriented.
The Nutsplitter Award The "Nutsplitter Award" is sponsored by the (now-defunct) "Canada My Home Sweet Home" website whose webmaster was a "nutsplitter" - a railroad mechanic who could split a nut using a chisel without damaging the bolt threads. The award was granted to an applicant website that was truly family friendly.
The Web Select Award The "Web Select Award" came from Majon International -- a website with a recognition service to further develop and encourage creativity, quality design and usefulness in purpose for Web site owners and creators.
The 2003-4 Golden Web Award This award is presented by the International Association of Web Masters and Designers. It is given to those sites whose web design, originality and content have achieved levels of excellence deserving of recognition. The 2002-3 Golden Web Award The 2001-2 Golden Web Award The 2000-1 Golden Web Award
The Links2Go Award This award came from Links2Go -- a (now-defunct) website that once provided online businesses and end-users with search and directory services. They selected the set of "Key Resources" related to each topic in their database and determined eligibility. The Links2Go Key Resource award was both exclusive and objective.