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This Web Page Last Updated: January 10, 2019

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This page contains items that we currently have in inventory that are not Postwar or Prewar Lionel, Marx or Soviet Union trains. You may see these brands (or items from these manufacturers) here:

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Trains From the SOVIET UNION
We have a separate page dedicated to the trains & accessories from the USSR. Click here to go to that page.

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Colber - Accessories
Catalog # Item GradePhotoPriceDetails
115 Wig Wag Flagger E+ Yes $ 60
Here's a very, very unusual item: a gray, plastic "Wig Wag" Crossing Signal. Has a crossbuck and a swinging banjo with a "STOP" warning sign. Measures 8 inches high.
Photo of the Crossbuck, "LOOK / "LISTEN" Sign & "STOP" Sign.
Has some rust and paint loss on the metal base and that's about it for flaws on the signal! It is all intact and very clean with nice lettering plus it works perfectly!
An "aerial" view.
Only the second 115 Wig Wag Signal we have ever had available for sale and this is the first gray one we have ever seen.

Unknown Manufacturers' - Accessories
Catalog # Item GradePhotoPriceDetails
??? Set of Railroad Figures Ranges

Yes $ 45 Seven (7) composition Railroad Figures that were made in Japan -- probably in the mid '30s:
Photo of the Conductor and the Engineer.
The Conductor is in VG condition with some paint loss but he is completely intact; the base is mildly distorted. The Engineer is in VG condition with some paint chips but he is completely intact.
Photo of the Red Cap and the Porter.
The Red Cap is in Good condition with some chips and paint loss; the base is distorted and the figure leans a little. The Porter is in Excellent condition with very few flaws.
Photo of the Female Passenger, Policeman and Male Passenger.
The Female Passenger is in Excellent condition with some minor paint chips and a possible repair. The Policeman is in Good condition (missing the Billy club and some paint chips). The Male Passenger apparently stayed too long in the club car wooing the female passenger and looks like he had a rough night; he is in Fair condition with lots of chips and paint loss.

Each figure is approximately 3 1/2 inches high and the underside of each base is stamped "JAPAN" in caps. The designs for six of these figures were apparently copied from the metal Lionel #550 "Miniature Railroad Figures" set sold from 1932 to 1936 while the design of the Policeman was probably copied from the Barclay Policeman.
File photo showing the Lionel Version.

A very interesting and very unusual item from "The Far East" made during a time when that area of the world was gearing up for war!

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