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Prewar Lionel

This Web Page Last Updated: July 13, 2019

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This page contains our current inventory of Prewar Lionel engines, rolling stock, cabooses, passenger cars, accessories, original boxes and other paper items. It includes both standard gauge and O-gauge trains made during the prewar era (1901 - 1942).

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Prewar Lionel Sets, Engines, Cars and Accessories
Cat # Item GradePhotoPriceDetails
Prewar Accessories:
156 Station Platform Ex./OB Yes $225 An illuminated Station Platform with these ORIGINAL signs: (FLEERS -- BABY RUTH -- SUNOCO -- REMINGTON).
Photo of the other side.
Version from 1942 with light red roof, BLACK finials and GRAY-painted posts.
Close-up of all four signs on one side.
Has repro fencing plus some paint chips on the roof and that's it for flaws! The unit is very, very clean with nice vibrant colors -- and it does light.
Two views of the roof.

Photo of the box.
Grade 8+ original box.
Another view of the box.
This corrugated box was made by the Continental Container Corp.
Close-up of the end-flap label.
Box flaws: tears, tape, "aged" look.
Close-up of the manufacturer's information.
Has the insert (liner) and this brick-like box is SOLID: clean, complete, square and sturdy!
Photo of the box insert.

A very, very uncommon piece -- the 156 Station from 1942 is the hardest version to find!

This very popular piece (which was also made in the postwar era) is always a nice addition to any layout. (Many operators have purchased six (6) over the years with a goal of duplicating the Lionel layout scene in New York in the late 40's.)

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In the early years of the 20th Century, Joshua Lionel Cowen built a toy train company that became an industry giant. Thanks to high-quality products and innovative marketing techniques, the Lionel Corporation developed into a piece of Americana.

In the prewar era, Lionel offered some of the most colorful and ornate trains in their history. Although in many cases, they have a primitive look about them, they also possess an old-world charm unmatched to this day. The quaint accessories of this era were ingenious and impressive.

Increase the attractiveness of your modern-day railroad and add an alluring Prewar Lionel accessory or signal. Expand your collection by purchasing an engine or car from Lionel's wonderful early years.

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