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Prewar Lionel

This Web Page Last Updated: November 15, 2015

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This page contains our current inventory of Prewar Lionel engines, rolling stock, cabooses, passenger cars, accessories, original boxes and other paper items. It includes both standard gauge and O-gauge trains made during the prewar era (1901 - 1942).

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Prewar Lionel Sets, Engines, Cars and Accessories
Cat # Item GradePhotoPriceDetails
Prewar Engines & Tenders:
2224W Coal Tender E+++ Yes $135 A gorgeous semi-scale, deluxe "LIONEL LINES" whistling tender. Has a diecast body, white heat-stamped lettering and a full complement of railing detail with separate steps on each corner. Has four-wheel trucks with black journals and a box coupler.
Photo of the other side.
Minimal flaws! The coal pile is completely intact and the shell is very, very clean with nice vibrant paint and crisp lettering. The frame is also very clean with the "2224W" numbering on the underside completely visible!
Photo of the rear deck.
This sharp-looking tender has a nice sounding whistle.
An "aerial" view.

Correct tender for the 224 sold in 1939 and 1940; it is also the correct style tender for a few other prewar engines.
Prewar Accessories:
58 Lamp Post VG/OB Yes $ 35 A green-painted, die-cast gooseneck lamp post from the '40s:
An "aerial" view of the Lamp.
Comes with a white teardrop-shaped bulb and the fixture measures 7 1/2 inches high.
Close-up of the base.
This useful and rather ornate layout piece has some paint loss in various spots plus the pole is a little distorted. However, it is still decent and there are no cracks in the shade.
Close-up of the underside of the base.

Photo of the box.
Grade 6 original box (missing the tuck and part of one end flap and that end is taped shut; tears; creases; tape residue; mildly distorted). The box has some flaws but it will protect the lamp post in shipment and in storage.
Another view of the box.

The original bulb is all intact and the fixture does light!
64 Three
Lamp Posts
VG+ Yes $195

Three die-cast, scale highway lamp posts: these lamp posts are painted "sea-green" (a dark green that seems like a cross between olive green and pea green). Each one measures 6 1/2 inches high.
Another view of all three lamp posts.
Each lamp post has a unique white rounded (reproduction) bulb (that somewhat resembles the design of the original) plus a few paint chips (mostly on the base of each one). One of the lamp posts has an extra hole drilled in the base but it appears to be a factory error as it is professionally done plus there is no paint loss anywhere on the metal inside and around the hole. In addition, there would be no reason to add a third hole to the base.
Close-up of both the top and the bulb of all three lamp posts.
All three are very clean overall and all three fixtures work!
Close-up of both the top and underside of all three bases.

Note that the guidebooks state that the #64 was produced from 1940-42 and again from 1945-1949 and do not reference this variation! One book specifically (and possibly incorrectly) states that the "Number 64 is known only in 45N green."

File photo showing both this version & the common version of the 64 Lamp Post.

Chart listing the various differences of this version vs. the common one:
~ Distinguishing Features ~ ?Early Prewar? Postwar & ?Later Prewar?
Decoration Open tubular post Top finial
Measurement 6 1/2 inches high 6 3/4 inches high
Connection External wires Terminal clips (no visible wiring)
Wiring Surface wiring Single internal wire for the "hot" leg
Color Sea-green Mint (#45N) green
Base underside finish Unpainted (bare metal showing) Completely painted

File photo showing the base underside of both this version & the common version of the 64 Lamp Post.

The postwar #64 Lamp Post is very hard to find but it is relatively "common" compared to this version!

Reader comments invited as to age, possible post-production alterations, possible Madison Hardware creations, etc. No matter what, they are definitely odd and they are certainly great layout pieces!
127 Station Res.
Yes $ 95
An all-metal, multi-colored illuminated building from 1923-1936 that was restored to excellent plus condition: has walls embossed to represent clapboard siding, one chimney on each side of roof peak at opposite ends, two arched windows flanking door on front and rear, two rectangular windows in each end, round vent window under each gable plus brass plates lettered "LIONELTOWN" in black at the top of each door frame.
Photo of one end.
Version with Mojave base, white walls, maroon roof & doors, peacock window & door frames, cream window inserts, green vent windows, and cream chimneys.
Photo of the other end.
Measures 8 1/2 inches wide by 4 1/4 inches deep by 5 inches high.
Photo of the back.
Some paint over runs plus a few paint chips and that's about it for flaws!
An "aerial" view.
It is a very, very nice piece!
Photo of the bottom showing the LIONEL identification.
Rubber-stamped "No. 127 STATION / MADE BY / THE LIONEL CORPORATION / NEW YORK / U.S. OF AMERICA" on the base underside.

A great layout item -- colorful and very useful as it looks great and it does light!

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In the early years of the 20th Century, Joshua Lionel Cowen built a toy train company that became an industry giant. Thanks to high-quality products and innovative marketing techniques, the Lionel Corporation developed into a piece of Americana.

In the prewar era, Lionel offered some of the most colorful and ornate trains in their history. Although in many cases, they have a primitive look about them, they also possess an old-world charm unmatched to this day. The quaint accessories of this era were ingenious and impressive.

Increase the attractiveness of your modern-day railroad and add an alluring Prewar Lionel accessory or signal. Expand your collection by purchasing an engine or car from Lionel's wonderful early years.

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