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Passenger Cars

This Web Page Last Updated: December 19, 2014

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This page contains our current inventory of Postwar Passenger Cars including RDC Budd Commuter Cars (both motorized and "dummy" units) and Trolleys.

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Postwar Lionel Passenger Cars
Catalog # ItemGradePhotoPriceDetails
Individual Passenger Cars:
2412 Santa Fe
Vista Dome
E+ Yes $ 95
All original, illuminated, blue-striped "Viewing" car with silhouetted window strips from 1961-63: has a silver body and silver roof plus blue lettering.
Photo of the other side.
A scuff on the roof by one of the finials plus a few light scratches and the usual imperfections associated with silver paint. The car is sharp: very, very clean with crisp lettering & gorgeous striping plus nice even silver!
An "aerial" view.

Adding extra cars to a passenger set will always make the consist look more realistic. This car will look great on display or on a layout as the lights and couplers all work.
Passenger Sets: (none at the moment; we will remedy that soon).

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Passenger Cars
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A wagonmaker by the name of Webster Wagner is credited with developing successful early Passenger Cars in the 1850's. However, a native New Yorker -- George Pullman - designed and built far superior sleeping cars and dining cars and made travel by rail in America comfortable. From 1890 until 1941, when the impact of World War II was felt, Americans enjoyed luxury in rail travel equal to the finest hotels in the world.

Lionel manufactured six distinct styles of Passenger Cars in the Postwar era, including one that was a carryover design from the Prewar era -- the somewhat primitive 2000 series sheet-metal cars, which came in three different colors. The others were the elegant "Madison" cars, eight different color schemes of the "027" 2400-series molded plastic cars, the 1800 General-type cars, the sturdy 2500 extruded aluminum series and the more modern Budd Rail Diesel Cars (RDC). The Budd Cars came powered (and with a horn) and non-powered. Most of the postwar passenger cars were illuminated and one (the 1875W General-type simulated-wood coach) even had a whistle.

Savor the golden era of rail travel and add Passenger Car service to your layout.

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