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Diesels, Electrics & Military Motorized Units

This Web Page Last Updated: November 11, 2018

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This page contains our current inventory of Postwar Lionel diesels and electrics plus military motive power. RDC Budd Commuter Cars (both motorized & "dummy" units) and Trolleys are listed on our Passenger Cars web page and Ballast Tampers, Burro Cranes, Fire Cars, Gang Cars, Inspection Cars, Maintenance Cars, Tie-Jectors and Track Cleaner Cars are listed on our RR Work Cars web page.

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Postwar Lionel Diesels, Electrics & Military Motorized Units
Catalog # Item GradePhotoPriceDescription & More Information
55 PRR
Tie Jector
===> ===> ===> Click here to go to our RR Work Cars Page to read about a good-looking, boxed PRR Tie Jector from 1957-58.
57 AEC
Yard Switcher
E+/OB Yes $525
A good-looking 2-4-2 "ATOMIC ENERGY COMMISSION" Vulcan Switcher from 1959-60: white with red-painted cab sides and white heat-stamped lettering; has dual operating tab couplers.
Photo of the other side.
One window strut was professionally repaired and it was done so well that it is extremely difficult to detect!
A view of the front.
The unit also has the common issue of the white having changed to cream over the years. However, the cream color is uniform and so the piece is still very, very attractive! It is very, very clean overall and there are no screw cracks.
A view of the back.
This very low-mileage "baby" diesel was serviced by us and it runs great!
An "aerial" view.
Has the original instruction sheet (#57-10), dated 9/59.
Photo of the instruction sheet.

Photo of the box.
Grade 6 original box (missing the front panel and the small "push" tab; tears; creases; tape inside; scrapes).
Another view of the box.
A very nice clear window was substituted for the front panel.
Photo of the front of the box without the insert.
Has the original insert!
Photo of the box insert.
Despite the flaws, the box is decent as it is fairly clean, square and sturdy!
Photo of the front of the box with the insert inside.

The 57 AEC switcher would look realistic hauling the 6805 Atomic Waste Car: in 1954 Congress passed the Atomic Energy Act Amendments of 1954, which for the first time made the development of commercial nuclear power possible. The act assigned the AEC the functions of both encouraging the use of nuclear power and regulating its safety. The AEC's regulatory programs sought to ensure public health and safety from the hazards of nuclear power without imposing excessive requirements that would inhibit the growth of the industry.

We have had very, very few AEC switchers over the years and this is only the second time we have had the 57 boxed! It is a rare piece with a rare instruction sheet and in a SUPER RARE BOX!

Price for just the switcher without the box, insert & instruction sheet: $475 plus shipping.
60 Trolley ===> ===> ===> Click here to go to our Passenger Cars Page to read about an uncommon Rapid Transit Trolley from 1956 -- a clean, boxed unit with blue letters and clerestory vents!
231P Rock Island
Alco Diesel
See Notes

Yes $195 A sharp-looking RI diesel from 1961-63: has a black-painted body with a red-painted middle stripe, white roofline stripe, white heat-stamped lettering and a white heat-stamped Rock Island herald on the nose. Has Magnetraction, a 2-position E-unit and an operating headlight.
Photo of the right side of the engine.
A few minor surface scratches plus a well-done repair was made to the pilot and that's it for flaws! The unit is sharp: very, very clean with crisp lettering, sharp striping and nice, vibrant paint! Appearance-wise, the cab is in E++ condition. The chassis is equally as clean (inside and out) and is in E++ condition as well.
Photo of the front.
This low-mileage and very peppy unit lights and runs great!
An "aerial" view.

Photo of the box.
Grade 7+ original box.
Another view of the box.
Flaws: tears, remnants where original tape was removed, writing.
Photo of the side with the manufacturer's identification.
This Mead Containers box is solid: clean, complete, square & sturdy! In addition, a 231P box is rather scarce as most of the 231 Alcos produced came unboxed in uncatalogued sets!

An attractive and smooth-running engine in a very strong box! Price without the box: $175 plus shipping.
623 Santa Fe
Yard Switcher
Ex./OB Yes $195 A black A.T.S.F. diesel switcher from 1953:
Photo of the other side.
Harder-to-find version with ten stanchions that attach the wire handrail to the body on each side.
Another view of this good-looking loco.
Has dual-axle Magnetraction, lights (front and rear) and a die-cast frame with operating coil couplers.
Photo of the right rear.
The cab roof has a chip in the right rear corner plus some box rub and that's about it for flaws on the cab. The frame has some touch-up.
An "aerial" view.
Despite a few imperfections, this engine still makes a very nice appearance as it is clean overall with nice vibrant paint, nice original decals and very strong lettering!
Another "aerial" view.

Photo of the box -- brace yourself, this box is not going to win any beauty contests.
Grade 5 original box (tears; creases; some dirt; lots of tape; tape residue; scrapes; punctures).
Another view of the box.
Has what appears to be a reproduction insert and even with the flaws, this box is very useful as it is square and very sturdy thanks to the insert. It will protect the engine in shipping and in storage.
Photo of the box insert.
Has the original instruction sheet #623-17 dated 6/53 (holes punched, creases and stains).
Photo of the instruction sheet.

This brawny-looking, prototypical locomotive was serviced and it is ready for your layout: the lights and couplers work plus it is a tremendous runner as are all of these early NW2 switchers.
2354P/T New York Central
F3 AA Units
See Notes

See Notes
Yes $225
Here's an interesting set of New York Central F3 diesels for an operator: a 2354 cab (version with dimple on roof) mounted on a 2344P powered unit chassis coupled with a 2354 cab (version without dimple on roof) mounted on a 2344T dummy unit chassis.
Photo of the noses.
This pair of AA units comes dressed in the traditional NYC paint scheme (dark gray with light gray "lightning-bolts" and white heat-stamped lettering). The cabs have louvered ventilators, open portholes and original red & white front decals and original black & white "GM" side decals.

Photo of the left side of the Power Unit.
Power unit: Magnetraction, twin motors, functional horn, operating headlight, original numberboards and original porthole lenses.
Photo of right side the Power Unit.
The cab has some box rub and various paint chips plus the numberboards are clear as all of the black paint is gone. The shell is clean overall with nice paint, lettering and striping! The pilot has some paint loss and that's about it for flaws on the chassis; it is very clean (both inside and out) -- and there is no battery damage!
Two views of the roof of the Power Unit.

Photo of the right side of the Dummy Unit.
Trailer ("Dummy") unit: operating headlight, original numberboards and original porthole lenses.
Photo of the left side of the Dummy Unit.
The cab has a few paint chips and some box rub plus the front decal is cracking and the striping is not as white as that on the power unit. The shell is very presentable overall as it has nice even paint plus strong lettering and striping; the chassis is fairly clean overall.
Two views of the roof of the Dummy Unit.

The units were serviced and they are ready for your layout. They run great and the horn works! Perfect for an operator!
Photo of the Dummy Unit's chassis and the Power Unit's chassis.

With its dual motors and resulting pulling power, the 2344 & 2354 F3s are among the most powerful engines made by Lionel in the postwar era. Its prototypical design and paint scheme made it popular for both operators and collectors for over 50 years!

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The Diesel Engine was patented in 1892 by a German engineer -- Dr. Rudolph Diesel. However it took until the 1930's before steam locomotives started to be replaced by the more powerful diesels. This occurred because diesels could perform at higher speeds for greater distances without stopping for water along the way as required by steamers.

Lionel sold many different types of Diesel Engines in the Postwar era including the very colorful F3s, the powerful FMs (Fairbanks-Morse), the speedy Alcos (American Locomotive Company), the venerable NW2 Yard Switchers, and the sleek GP Road Switchers ("Geeps"). Some diesels offered headlights, some had horns, some had bells, and some had dual motors.

Modernize your railroad with a colorful and powerful Diesel Engine.

The first working electric rail locomotive was displayed and demonstrated at the Berlin Exhibition of 1879 by another German engineer - Werner von Siemens. American railroads perfected this technology to overcome the harsh problems caused by long tunnels built under cities and through mountains. The exhaust from a steamer threatened the lives of both railroaders and passengers. The powerful, fast and efficient electric locomotives solved this dilemma and also proved to be perfect for mining operations.

Lionel sold a limited number of Electric Locomotives in the Postwar era including the famous Pennsylvania GG1s, the peppy EP5s, and the attractive 2329 Virginia Rectifier.

Electric Locomotives will bring your railroad up to date.

As with others in the business of transportation, the railroad industry had to have a system to ensure that goods were sent to the right place AND they had to have a system to keep track of its own equipment. The railroad yard became instrumental in accomplishing both goals. Small gas turbine switchers and small Vulcan switchers became work horses as they jockeyed rolling stock from track to track to keep the railroads moving.

Lionel provided various Motorized Units during the Postwar era. These specialty items included Gas Turbines and Vulcan Switchers suitable for yard work and the odd-looking 520 Boxcab Electric which was modeled after a mining locomotive from Chile.

Motorized units will help keep your railroad interesting and moving.

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