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Railroad Work Cars

This Web Page Last Updated: June 20, 2018

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This page contains our current inventory of Postwar Lionel railroad work cars. Included here are inspection cars, ballast tampers, burro cranes, fire cars, gang cars, maintenance cars, tie-jectors, track cleaner cars, snow plows, crane cars, searchlight cars, log dumps, coal dumps and barrel cars plus other specialized pieces of rolling stock that are used for railroad maintenance and upkeep. Boxcars, refrigerator cars, stock cars, most flatcars, gondolas, hoppers, tank cars and vat cars are located on our Freight Cars web page. Cars from the "Space & Military" Series are shown on our Space & Military Cars web page and all cabooses and work cabooses are located on our Cabooses web page.

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Postwar Lionel Railroad Work Cars
Catalog #ItemGradePhotoPriceDescription & More Information
55 PRR
Tie Jector
E+/OB Yes $260 The Pennsylvania Railroad Tie Jector Car: un-painted red body with white heat-stamped lettering plus a silver ornamental horn.
Photo of the Tie Jector.
Earlier (1957-58) version without the horizontal slot behind motorman.
Photo of the other side.
The "J" on one side has a scratch and that's about it for flaws! It is a good-looking unit: very, very clean with strong graphics overall and the man is original.
Photo of the operator at the controls.
Serviced by us -- the ejection mechanism works great and the unit runs well!
An "aerial" view of the unit.
Has the original envelope #55-77 (wrinkled; tears; tape) containing the #55-76 instruction sheet dated 10/57 (creases; stains), two #3360-126 original actuators and twenty (20) original #55-5 track ties.
Photo of the envelope, instruction sheet, track actuators, track ties and lubricant tube.

Photo of the box.
Grade 9 original box (minor tears; small scrapes; missing the small square cardboard end spacer).
Another view of the box.
Has the larger insert and this brick-like box is SOLID: clean, square & sturdy -- plus there is no tape anywhere!
Photo of the box insert.

Sharp and very clever motorized unit in one of the nicest Tie Jector boxes we have ever had! The Tie Jector will look good either on display or adding some action to your layout.
(2411) Flatcar with Pipes Load:

Yes $195 Gray-painted, die-cast flatcar with black serif lettering from 1946 only with original black, metal pipes. Also known as the "BIG INCH" car, it has staple-end trucks with coil couplers.
Photo of the other side.
One of the pipes has some rust and all three have some surface rust. All three are fairly clean overall -- and they are ORIGINAL!
Close-up of the pipes and a view of the car's decking.
Minimal flaws on the car! It is very, very clean with beautiful lettering and nice vibrant paint -- plus all four corner steps are intact!

Photo of the box.
Grade 7 original box (tears; creases; scuffs).
Another view of the box.
Has the original insert (liner) and this box is solid as it is fairly clean, complete, square and sturdy! It has both end flaps and all four inner flaps -- plus there is no tape anywhere!
Photo of the box insert.

A good-looking, prototypical car in a very presentable box! The 2411 flat is somewhat common but the original pipes are often lost and they are very, very hard to find! This is a very scarce piece!
3361 Operating
Log Dump Car
Yes $150 Large operating log dump from 1957 that was NEVER USED! Has a gray molded plastic body with black rubber-stamped lettering plus a metal underframe with bar-end, metal trucks and tab couplers. Version with "LIONEL LINES" in thick serif letters, "336155" on right in large serif numbers and car dimensions on the left in sans-serif lettering.
Photo of the other side.
Has the correct load of five (5) original (5-inch) stained logs.
An "aerial" view showing the car's tray and the logs.
A very small "dig" mark on one side plus a few minor rust spots on the frame and that's about it for flaws! The car is very clean with crisp lettering plus the car was "bench tested" and the dumping mechanism works perfectly!
Photo of the instruction sheet.
Comes with the original instruction sheet #3361-29 dated 6/57 (discolored and creased from being stored just the way Lionel packaged it back in 1957).

Photo of the box.
Grade 8+ original box (minor tears; some dirt; store price stamping).
Another view of the box.
A SOLID box: fairly clean, complete, square & sturdy -- plus there is no tape anywhere! It is a very, very hard box to find in nice condition as the cradle ends on the car usually caused the box to be destroyed from the inside out.

The 3361 was sold by Lionel from 1955-61 but the combination of the couplers, silver knuckle pins, box style and instruction sheet year all help to date this car as a 1957 item. In addition, the smaller-style "Late Classic" box numbered "3361X" and without liner indicates that this car was a set component not a separate sale item.

This is the first unused 3361 log dump we have ever had and it is in one of the nicest 3361 boxes we have ever handled! The 3361 is fairly common -- but not in this condition!

If you need this car for a set and would like an original unloading bin, we have the correct #160 large bin and can provide it with this car at no charge. The bin is 8 1/2 inches long and is made of flexible injection-molded plastic -- not Bakelite.
3451 Operating
Log Dump Car
E/OB Yes $160 A very unusual item: the operating log dump from 1946-47 with silver RUBBER-stamped lettering!
Photo of the dumping side of the car.
Has a black die-cast frame with a metal tilting tray plus staple-end trucks with coil couplers.
Photo of the other side of the car.
One of the fixed stakes has some bare metal showing from rust removal; the lettering is very, very strong on one side and has only some minor loss on the other side! (Usually the lettering is weak and virtually unreadable on both sides.) Overall, the car is very clean with a nice, rust-free tilting tray.
Close-up of some of the lettering on one side.
The dumping mechanism and the coil couplers work perfectly!
An "aerial" view of the car.
Has the correct load of five (5) original unstained logs and the correct original (smaller 7-inch) #160 Bakelite unloading bin.
Photo of the logs and the unloading bin.

Photo of the box.
Grade 6 original box (tears; creases; stains; glue residue; mildly distorted).
Another view of the box.
Has the original insert (liner) and even with the flaws, this box is very presentable as it is complete and sturdy! It is also the correct "Art Deco" box (measuring 4 3/8 inches wide, 10 1/4 inches long and 3 1/2 inches high) for this version of the 3451.
Photo of the elaborate box insert.

This variation of the 3451 is much harder to find than the heat-stamped 3451. It has been almost three years since we have had a rubber-stamped 3451 for sale; it is the nicest one we have surfaced as the lettering is very readable! If you are assembling a set from 1946 or early 1947, this is the correct car for those outfits.
3650 Searchlight Extension Car E++/OB Yes $140 A searchlight car with DARK-gray die-cast frame and metal, bar-end trucks with tab couplers from 1957-59: clever car with a removable light fixture to provide illumination to remote parts of a layout.
Photo of the other side showing the car set for a trackside work detail.
Minimal flaws! It is a very, very clean car with spectacular lettering!
Two "aerial" views.
Has a repro crank (but it's one of the better ones) -- and the car does light!
Photo of the instruction sheet.
Includes the correct original instruction sheet #3650-38, dated 7/57 (tears; creases; tape; discolored).

Photo of the box.
Grade 8 original box (tears; scrapes; creases; glue residue; no insert). This box is solid: clean, square and sturdy -- plus there is no tape anywhere.
Another view of the box.

A sharp car in a very strong box. This very useful car will add some light to your layout!
Our Archives Page has more about 3650 Searchlight Extension Cars.
6460 Operating
Crane Car
E- Yes $ 40 A Bucyrus Erie Crane Car from 1953-54: has a black-painted cab with white heat-stamped lettering plus a black-painted die-cast frame, with white heat-stamped lettering, open cranks and bar-end (metal) trucks with magnetic couplers. Has the correct original offset hook.
Photo of the other side with the crane in its work detail mode.
Version with thin lettering & no hyphens on the frame.
An "aerial" view.
Some box rub and a few paint chips on the frame plus the metal parts on the boom are tarnished. The car is very clean overall with nice vibrant paint and strong lettering!

A nice-looking, brawny RR work car with lots of "play" value.
6520 Searchlight Car E++/OB Yes $ 95 Stationary searchlight car from 1949 with maroon generator and crinkle flat gray searchlight housing; has a die-cast frame, staple-end trucks with magnetic couplers & a remote-control "ON/OFF" switch.
Photo of the other side.
Minimal flaws! The car is very clean with strong lettering and nice vibrant paint -- plus all four frame steps are intact. The switch mechanism works perfectly and the car does light.
An "aerial" view.

Photo of the box.
Grade 6+ original box (tears; creases; tape inside; no insert). Even with the flaws, this box is decent and it is fairly clean, square and sturdy.
Another view of the box.
The 6520 Searchlight Car was sold from 1949 to 1951 but the Early Classic "three cities" box (with San Francisco) on the sides helps to date this item as a 1949 car.

This sturdy and realistic-looking work car has a diesel motor assembly that modeled a General Motors generator. It is a perfect car for nighttime operations on a layout. It is a sharp-looking prototypical car plus the maroon generator version is much harder to find than the one with an orange generator.
6561 Cable Car Load:

Yes $ 50 Gray-painted, die-cast, depressed-center flatcar from 1954: has black, rubber-stamped serif lettering plus bar-end trucks with magnetic couplers. Comes with the correct load of two original orange reels with the original aluminum wire.
Photo of the other side.
Minimal flaws on the flat -- it is very clean with very strong lettering and nice vibrant paint! Minor chip on one of the reels but they are both all original and very clean! Has a repro elastic tie-down band.
An "aerial" view showing car's decking and the aluminum wire on the reels.

A good-looking, prototypical car.

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Every industry has to maintain their machinery and to be prepared for all emergencies. The railroads are no different and they have become quite imaginative in developing specialized work cars to perform essential maintenance and repairs. Worn-out equipment from age and the environment plus disruptions in service from accidents and train wrecks required specific and unique approaches to keep tracks clear, signals working, and trains running. The railroad industry proved to be ingenious through the years by inventing unique designs to address obstacles and disasters attributable to the terrain, the elements, mechanical failure, and human error. Self-propelled cranes, snow plows, handcars, inspection cars, maintenance cars, and ballast tampers were used to maintain their fleets, clear wrecks, keep the tracks clear, inspect & repair the tracks, and build new lines.

Lionel offered some very interesting railroad work cars in the postwar era including the useful crane cars, handy searchlight cars, prototypical rail truck cars & wheel cars, plus action-oriented dump cars for unloading ballast & logs and operating barrel cars to transport supplies. In addition, Lionel provided interesting motorized units which were modeled after those items used by the real railroads including snow plows, a burro crane, a handcar, an inspection car, a fire car, a gang car, a maintenance car, a tie laying car and a ballast tamper.

Railroad Work Cars are often forgotten but are vital to your operations.

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