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Steamers & Tenders

This Web Page Last Updated: April 16, 2018

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This page contains our current inventory of Postwar Lionel steamers and tenders.
By the way, if you need help determining the proper tender for a steamer or which steamers might have pulled a particular tender, we can help! Please review our Postwar Lionel Reference Charts web page.

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Postwar Lionel Steamers & Tenders
Catalog #ItemGradePhotoPriceDetails
2034 Steam Engine
6066T Tender

Yes $ 90
A 2-4-2 Scout-type steamer from 1952 only: has the correct "LIONEL LINES" 6066T tender.
Photo of the left side of the engine.
The loco has a die-cast boiler with silver numbering plus an operating headlight.
Photo of the right side of the engine.
Some paint chips on the right side of the cab and the right side steam chest. That's about it for flaws on the cab and boiler!
Photo of the front of the engine.
Side rods are a little tarnished but the marker lights & front steps are intact and this unit is very, very clean!
An "aerial" view of the engine.
The 2034 has one of the most detailed cab interiors that Lionel ever made with simulated gauges, piping, levers and firebox.
Photo of the cab interior.

Photo of the engine box.
Grade 7+ original "Middle-Classic" box for the engine (tears; creases; some discoloration; tape inside).
Another view of the engine box.
Has the insert (tears; creases; stains; one small piece missing) and despite the flaws, this box is still solid as it is clean, complete, square and sturdy -- and it is a tough box to find!
Photo of the box insert.

Photo of the left side of the tender.
The 8-wheel "early coal" tender has white heat-stamped bold-faced lettering plus "Scout-type" trucks with single magnetic coupler.
Photo of the right side of the tender.
Version with rectangular hole in the bulkhead wall and with hole in coal pile.
Photo of the rear deck of the tender.
Minimal flaws on the tender -- it is absolutely gorgeous: very, very clean and all intact with spectacular lettering!
An "aerial" view of the tender.

Photo of the tender box.
Grade 8 original box for the tender (tears; creases; tape inside). This box is SOLID: clean, complete, square and sturdy!
Another view of the tender box.

This is only the second 2034/6066T steamer & tender combination we have ever offered for sale and it is the first boxed set we have ever had! We rarely get "low-end" pieces like this as they are usually well played with and only good for parts. The 2034 engine came in starter sets but since it was produced for only one year, it is not that easy to find. These pieces are in nice shape plus the loco is very peppy and it lights and runs well!
Lonesome Tenders Looking for Mates:
746W Norfolk & Western
Streamlined Tender
E+/OB Yes $550
One of the RAREST postwar Lionel tenders: the LONG-stripe N&W whistling ("scoop") tender from 1957-60. Has raised blank numberboards plus metal, bar-end trucks with a tab coupler.
Photo of the other side.
The shell has some box rub in spots and that's about it for flaws! The shell is sharp: completely intact and very clean with very nice ORIGINAL striping! The chassis is equally as nice -- rust free and very, very clean.
Photo of the rear deck.
Serviced by us and it works great! It has a sweet sounding whistle and it is ready for your layout.
An "aerial" view.

Photo of the box.
Grade 7 original box (tears; creases; stains; writing; a little wavy; discolored from moisture and from age).
Another view of the box.
Has some flaws but the box is complete, somewhat square & very sturdy. It is not an easy box to find but the bulk of the value here is the tender variation.

A 746W tender is not offered for sale separately very often and this is the first 746W LONG-stripe tender we have ever had for sale separately! It is Lionel's most colorful tender from the postwar era and it is the correct match for the 746 Norfolk & Western "J" steam engine.
6466W Coal Tender E++/OB Yes $125 An early coal-style, "LIONEL LINES" whistling tender with white, heat-stamped lettering from 1950-52. Has staple-end trucks and a magnetic coupler.
Photo of the right side.
Common paint chips above the drawbar plus the shell has some box rub in spots and that's about it for flaws!
Photo of the front of the tender.
A gorgeous tender as the original shell is very clean with crisp lettering plus the frame is rust-free frame and very clean -- and the original "6466W" number on the bottom is almost 100% intact!
Photo of the back of the tender.
The tender was serviced and it has a nice-sounding whistle!
An "aerial" view.

Photo of the box.
Grade 7 original box (tears; creases; tape inside; glue residue; minor stains).
Another view of the box.
Has the insert and this box is solid: clean, complete, square and sturdy!
Photo of the box insert.

A very, very nice tender! The 6466W is the correct tender for 2025, 2026, 2035 and 2036 postwar Lionel engines and it is also the proper-style tender for many other early postwar steamers. If you have one of those steamers in collector-quality condition, it deserves a tender like this one.

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The Steam Locomotive (or "Iron Horse") was the invention of an Englishman -- George Stephenson -- in the early 1800's. Americans initially copied his design but soon constructed more appropriate locomotives to negotiate the steep inclines and severe curves of the early American wilderness. This exciting era included the Civil War years and the steam locomotive demonstrated its worth in helping the Union forces defeat the South.

Lionel made various styles of Steam Engines in the Postwar era including the famous Hudson, the popular Berkshire, the sturdy Pennsylvania Turbine, the revered Norfolk & Western 'J' and the odd-looking Dreyfuss. They also offered a variety of 0-4-0 Steam Switchers and models of the Civil War General.

Available tenders included some that whistled, some with prototypical roadnames and some with twelve wheels. Styles included the "coffin" tender, the streamlined tender and the slope-back tender.

Revisit the romantic era of the Iron Horse and put a Steam Engine on your layout.

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