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Space & Military Cars

This Web Page Last Updated: October 17, 2021

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This page contains our current inventory of cars that were part of the postwar Lionel "Space & Military" series. Included here are those specialized rolling stock items (both operating & non-operating AND both real & fictitious) that were created to stimulate the imaginations of children regarding space exploration and the needs of the armed forces of the United States. Note that military motive power is located on our Diesels, Electrics & Small Motorized Units web page, military-type cabooses are located on our Cabooses web page and space & military accessories are located on our Accessories web page.

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Postwar Lionel Space & Military Cars
Catalog #ItemGradePhotoPriceDescription & More Information
41 ============
United States
Yard Switcher
===> ===> ===> Click here to go to our Diesels, Electrics & Motorized Units Page to read about a great-running U.S. Army Yard Switcher from 1956-57.
413 Countdown Control
===> ===> ===> Need a device to operate your missile firing cars remotely? Click here to go to our Accessories Page to read about a clean Countdown Control Panel that was sold in 1962 only.
6175 Flatcar with

Car: E++
Yes $ 95 Black flatcar (mold #6424-11) from 1958 with the correct, original U S Navy rocket. Flat has white, heat-stamped lettering plus early AAR trucks with operating couplers. Has the original rack and the original elastic tie-down band.
Photo of the other side.
The rocket has some stains and discoloration plus a homemade sponge tip was installed. Even with the flaws, the rocket is decent as it is fairly clean with gorgeous lettering plus there are no cracks-- and it is ORIGINAL!
An "aerial" view showing the rocket and the car's decking.
The car is very, very clean with crisp lettering and nice shiny truck rivets.
Two close-ups views of the rocket.

A sharp car with a fairly nice original rocket.
6463 Rocket Fuel
Tank Car
Yes $150
The only tank car from the "Space and Military Series:" a 2-dome tank car painted snow white with red rubber-stamped lettering & graphics; the frame is painted black.
Photo of the other side.
It is the version from 1962 with middle AAR trucks and two operating couplers.
An "aerial" view.
Just gorgeous! The car is very, very clean with beautiful lettering. The catwalks are completely intact with nothing broken and it has a nice rust-free frame.

A spectacular car -- one of the nicest 6463 Tank Cars we have ever had! Note that most of the 6463 tank cars came unboxed in sets and few were sold separately.
Our Archives Page: more information on 6463 Rocket Fuel Tank Cars.
6651 U.S.M.C.

Launching Car
Yes $295
The shell launching Cannon Car -- an unusual item found only in uncatalogued sets (mostly purely military) in 1964 & 1965: this impressive-looking car was nicknamed "Big Bertha" by collectors. The frame is painted olive drab (on a red mold) and has white, heat-stamped lettering plus middle AAR trucks with operating couplers. The launcher assembly is molded in olive drab; comes with four ORIGINAL shells.
Photo of the other side showing Big Bertha in action with a shell on the way to its target.
Usual tarnishing on the metal strip below the cannon plus some box rub on the four steps and that's about it for flaws! It is very, very clean with vibrant paint, crisp lettering, nice shiny truck rivets and no rust on the metal parts -- plus it was NEVER USED!
Photo of the four shells and an "aerial" view of the car.

The menacing-looking 6651 only came in eight "promotional" outfits. It is sharp car and the firing mechanism works great!
6814 First Aid
Medical Car
===> ===> ===> Need something for the end of your military train?
Click here to go to our Caboose Page to read about a Rescue Cabooses from 1959-61.

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Space & Military Cars
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The 1950's and 1960's were marked by the "race to space" and the creation of "world superpowers" -- specifically the United States and the Soviet Union.

Lionel created an extensive line of interesting pieces to keep pace with current events of that era: the world's desire for exploring outer space -- the "last frontier" -- and the need for strong national defense systems in light of the Cold War.

Any layout will be enhanced with either a space exploration theme or one involving the creation of an action-packed and patriotic operation involving Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps equipment.

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