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This page contains our current inventory of Postwar Lionel accessories and includes the following:

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Postwar Lionel Accessories
Catalog #ItemGradePhotoPriceDescription & More Information
93 Water Tower ===> ===> ===> If you are looking for a #93 (all-metal) Water Tower, we have a boxed prewar one for sale.
Click here to go to our Prewar Page to read about a Water Tower from 1940.
156 Station Platform E+ Yes $110 Illuminated Station Platform from 1946-1949 with these ORIGINAL signs: (REMINGTON TYPEWRITERS -- BABY RUTH -- SUNOCO -- RIVAL). Original red roof and green base.
Photo of the other side.
Minor paint chips on the roof plus the base has some paint loss around one of the mounting holes and that's about it for flaws on the structure; has reproduction fencing. This station is very clean with nice vibrant paint -- and it does light!
Close-up showing one side of all four signs.
Minor flaws on the signs! They are all are very clean with nice graphics.
Two views of the roof.

This very popular, prewar carryover piece is always a nice addition to any layout and many operators have purchased six (6) over the years to try to duplicate the Lionel layout scene in New York in the late 40's.
163 Single-target
Block Signal
E+++/OB Yes $ 60 A Single-target (9-inch high) Block Signal from the early and mid-60s: red and green lights which are located inside the target housing provide indirect illumination.
Photo of the front & back of the signal.
Comes with the correct original 153C contactor, the correct original instruction sheet #452-15, dated 4/61 and four unused (still-coiled) wires.
Two more views of the signal.
Very, very clean and completely intact plus it works perfectly!
Photo of the box insert, instruction sheet, contactor & wires.

Grade 7 original box (tears; creases; tape; writing).
Photo of the box.
Has the insert and this box is solid: clean, complete, square and sturdy!

A very useful signal that does not show up very often -- especially complete!
252 Highway
Crossing Gate
E+++/OB Yes $ 45 A sharp operating, illuminated Crossing Gate from 1955:
Photo of the gate in the up position.
Completely intact and very, very clean with gorgeous striping! It has not yellowed with age; it is almost pure white!
Photo of the other side with the gate down.
Lights and works perfectly!
An "aerial" view of the gate.

Photo of the box.
Grade 8+ original box (creases; "aged" look).
Another view of the box.
Has the insert and this box is SOLID: clean, complete, square and sturdy -- plus there is no tape anywhere!
Photo of the box insert.
Has the correct, original instruction sheet #145-56, dated 2-55 (tears, creases) & the correct, original #145C contactor.
Photo of the instruction sheet.

The 252 crossing gate was offered by Lionel for many years but the instruction sheet and box style help to identify this one as a 1955 accessory. The 252 is a very common item -- but NOT in this condition!
309 Yard Set E+++/OB Yes $ 40 A complete set of eight (8) white plastic railroad signs with black lettering mounted on metal bases. Shortest one is 1 3/4 inches high -- tallest one is 4 inches high. All of the signs are original and very clean with nice lettering.
Close-up of the Signs.
Grade 8+ orange corrugated original box with a lift-off lid (minor stains; small scuffs). The box is clean, complete, square and sturdy and there is no tape anywhere!
Photo of the box.
Has the display insert -- some tears and it is mildly distorted but it is very clean with sharp printing!
Photo of the rest of the box.

Offered by Lionel for many years -- this nice set of signs is perfect for a layout with a railroad yard plus it is in the nicest 309 box we have ever had!
310 Complete 1954
Billboard Sheet
VG Yes $ 45 A complete 1954 uncut sheet of 8 card-stock billboards. This assortment of original billboards has three automobile-related ads plus three food-related ads and two home-related ads: (BRECK SHAMPOOS -- CAMPBELL'S SOUPS -- DuPONT ANTI-FREEZE -- FRAM OIL FILTERS -- LIPTON ICED TEA -- NEW DEPARTURE Safety Brakes -- SUNOCO MOTOR OIL -- WRIGLEY'S).
Close-up of the top four billboards.
Some moisture stains and creases. However the creases should improve over time with proper storage including the use of heavy objects to maintain an equal distribution of weight on top.
Close-up of the bottom four billboards.
Uncut sheets from any year are very hard to find!

This is the first 1954 uncut set that we have ever offered for sale! If you have a boxed 1954 Lionel train set, it is not complete without this billboard sheet!
310 Billboard Set See Notes
Yes $ 40 A complete set of 10 card-stock billboards with 5 plastic frames. This assortment of original billboards from 1952 has five automobile & travel-related ads plus five food & home-related ads: (PLYMOUTH -- WRIGLEY'S -- SUNSWEET -- HEINZ -- FRIGIDAIRE -- BABY RUTH -- DuPONT -- SUNOCO -- SILVER SPRINGS -- GENERAL TIRE).
Photo of the five frames with automobile & travel-related billboards.
All five frames are clean and completely intact; they are close to like new. The billboards were separated and have various minor tears, stains and ragged edges plus half of them have some green paint on the back providing evidence that they once adorned a layout; overall the billboards are in very good (or better) condition.
Photo of the five food & home-related billboards.

Photo of the box.
CORRECT original 1952 "OPS Middle Classic" box (grade 7+ -- tears; creases; some dirt & stains). A few flaws but the box is complete, square & sturdy -- plus there is no tape anywhere! It also has the preprinted OPS information identifying this accessory as a 1952 item.
Another view of the box.
The frames and billboards are fairly common -- the 1952 OPS box is scarce!

Note: The 310 set always included five plastic green frames; however through the years, Lionel provided either ten (five extra), eight (three extra), six (one extra) or five billboards in the set -- and in the later years only three billboards (or two less than the number of frames)!
352 Ice Depot Set Depot:


Yes $295 A sharp operating Ice Depot Set from 1955: includes the 6352-1 Union Pacific Ice Car (version with four lines of rubber-stamped data on the ice compartment door).
Photo of the Station.
Also called the "Icing Station" -- this one has the red base and it measures 11 3/4 inches long by 4 inches wide by 8 1/2 inches high.
Photo of the other side of the station.
Minor discoloration on the white sides of the building and that's about it for flaws! The unit is very clean and nothing is cracked or missing! The rust-free metal frame is nice as well. Has the original man & paddle.
An "aerial" view of the station.

Photo of the unloading side of the car.
The special orange "PACIFIC FRUIT EXPRESS" reefer has black heat-stamped lettering on the body plus metal, bar-end trucks with magnetic couplers.
Photo of the loading side of the car.
Minor rust spots on the metal door guides and that's about it for flaws! The car is completely intact and very, very clean with very strong lettering!
An "aerial" view of the car.

Photo of the box.
Grade 7+ original box (tears; creases; stains; "aged" look).
Another view of the box.
Has the elaborate insert and this box is solid: fairly clean, complete, square and sturdy!
Photo of the bottom of the box.
Has the original instruction sheet #352-44, dated 10/55 (tears, creases, tape), the 5 original ice cubes and the correct 90C controller.
Photo of the instruction sheet, ice cubes and controller.

One of Lionel's most reliable and smooth-working accessories; this one works great, looks great and certainly lives up to its reputation as being a "cool" accessory!
Our Archives Page has more information on 352 Ice Depots.
410 Billboard Blinker E+++/OB Yes $ 60
A blinking lamp metal fixture from 1956-58: the 410 was made to work with a 310 billboard (which was sold separately). It has a bi-metallic strip which can be adjusted to either have the light glow continuously or to flash intermittently at various rates.
Photo of the front of the fixture.
Has the original instruction sheet #410-19 dated 6/56 and FREE for your layout: a "CITIES SERVICE" billboard ad from 1961 with frame! (Lionel sold the billboards & frames separately.)
Photo of the back of the fixture.
Minimal flaws; it is a very, very clean piece and it lights and works perfectly!

Another view of the box.
Grade 7+ original box (tears; creases; writing).

The 410 is a very handy layout item; this one is very, very nice and it's in a very presentable box that is clean, complete, square & sturdy with no tape anywhere!

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