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This page contains our current inventory of Postwar Lionel accessories and includes the following:

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Postwar Lionel Accessories
Catalog #ItemGradePhotoPriceDescription & More Information
71 Three
Lamp Posts
E+ Yes $ 35
Three gray (6-inch high), die-cast (rewired) lamp posts: minimal flaws on the fixtures; they are very clean with sharp enamel-gray paint and intact original globes (some yellowing from age).

Street lights enhance any layout with a town setting and the popular 71 lamp posts were sold by Lionel from 1949 to 1959. These three are nice -- and of course, they all light!
154 Highway
Crossing Signal
E++ Yes $ 50 An illuminated highway crossing signal -- unusual version from 1957 only with an aluminum pole! Has a plastic crossbuck and bayonet-base bulbs in the target and includes the correct #154C contactor.
Photo of the back of the signal and another view of the contactor.
A few light scratches on the base and that's about it for flaws! The signal is very, very clean with beautiful lettering.
An "aerial" view of both the signal and the contactor.

We have never had this version of the 154 before; it is overlooked by some guidebooks and some informative websites! A very nice and very useful signal -- plus it works perfectly! Hard to envision a layout without a highway crossing signal.
195 Floodlight Tower E+ Yes $ 35 A Railroad Yard Light from the late '50s: the tower is 12 3/4 inches high, has an 8-light bank and is great for nighttime operations!
Photo of the back.
A few surface scratches on the base plus some tarnishing of the metal pieces and that's about it for flaws! It is a very, very clean piece with no cracks -- and of course it does work!
Another view.

Nice, useful layout piece!
252 Highway
Crossing Gate
E++ Yes $ 25 A sharp operating, illuminated Crossing Gate from the '50s: includes the correct, original (and very, very clean) #145C contactor.
Photo of the bottom of the contactor and another view of the gate.
Completely intact and very, very clean with gorgeous striping! It also has not yellowed with age; it is almost pure white!

Lights and works perfectly! I can't imagine a layout without at least one of these prototypical crossing gates.
3356-100 Box of Horses E++/OB Yes $ 50
Set of nine (9) ORIGINAL black horses in a grade 6+ original "Late Classic" component box:
Close-up of the horses and another view of the box.
Minimal flaws on the horses; the box has tears plus a puncture and is a little distorted. It is fairly clean, complete and sturdy -- plus there is no tape anywhere!

These good-looking horses are for the 3356 Horse Car and Horse Corral. Note: original horses work much better than the repros that have been made over the years.
3656-9 Box of Cattle E+++/OB Yes $ 40 A complete set of nine (9) good-looking, ORIGINAL black cows in a grade 9+ original "Middle Classic" component box from 1952-55: It is the nicest 3656-34 box we have ever had!
Another view of the cows and another view of the box.
Box flaws: one tear. The box is SOLID: clean, complete, square and sturdy -- plus there is no tape anywhere!

The cows are for the 3656 Cattle Car and 3656-150 Cattle Corral and they came in component boxes from 1949 to 1958 but this "Middle Classic" box (with "American Toys" logo and with a tuck flap number plus "3656-34" on all four sides) all help to date these cows as 1952-55 livestock.

Note: original cows work much better than the repros that have been made over the years!

Postwar Lionel Transformers
Catalog #ItemGradePhotoPriceDescription & More Information
ZW Transformer E+ Yes $195
The KING of transformers -- the 275-watt ZW is the largest one made by Lionel in the postwar era!
Another view.
The ZW's features include: four independent variable voltage circuits, circuit breaker, "power on" light, "short circuit" warning light plus whistle controls & directional controls for two of the circuits!
Photo of the new line cord and the back of the transformer.
The unit is rust free and very clean with sharp lettering and only minor cosmetic flaws! Rollers for each circuit are new plus the line cord was replaced. It is a very, very clean unit inside and out and everything works properly!

The "football-like" shape of the ZW is a familiar sight to all model train fans; it has become an icon of the postwar Lionel era. One train club even uses it as their symbol! If you have an extensive layout or plans for one, the ZW is the only way to go.

Note: Actual shipping cost will apply. If there are additional items on the same order, they will be shipped separately and our standard shipping charge will be added.

Comes with a two-year guarantee!!!

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