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This page contains our current inventory of Postwar Lionel accessories and includes the following:

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Postwar Lionel Accessories
Catalog #ItemGradePhotoPriceDescription & More Information
30 Water Tower E+++/OB Yes $ 125
The operating Water Tower with light-amber, single-walled tank, dark gray base, brown trestle, and a light-gray painted roof. Version with a bright plated steel shield for the spout.
Another view.
Minimal flaws! It is completely intact and very, very clean -- plus the spout action works nicely!
Close-up of the roof and spout.
Has the correct, original 96C controller and the correct original instruction sheet #30-11, dated 8/48 (tears, creases, insect nibbles).
Photo of the instruction sheet and the controller.

Photo of the box.
Grade 7 original box (tears; creases; punctures; a little distorted; missing the small square spacer insert).
Another view of the box.
Has the elaborate liner and this "Gair Bogota Corp." box is solid: clean, square and sturdy!
Photo of the manufacturer's information.
The box labels and the instruction sheet help to date this accessory as a 1948 item.
Close-up of the box label on the open end.

The tank measures 6 inches wide with an overall height of a little over 10 inches. This impressive and realistic-looking accessory is always a great addition to any layout or collection. If you have a steamer on your layout, this 30 Water Tower will be the ideal complement -- it is sharp and it works perfectly!
71 Three
Lamp Posts
E+/OBs Yes $ 40
Three gray (6-inch high), die-cast (rewired) lamp posts in the original boxes: minimal flaws on the fixtures; they are very, very clean with sharp enamel-gray paint and intact globes.

One box has some tape and is a grade 7; the other two: grade 8.

Street lights enhance any layout with a town setting and the popular 71 lamp posts were sold by Lionel from 1949 to 1959. These three are nice -- and of course, they all light!
154 Highway
Crossing Signal
VG Yes $ 18 A very useful illuminated highway crossing signal: later version with plastic crossbuck and bayonet-base bulbs in the target (no contactor, just the signal).
Two side views.

Has some rust on the pole (like you would find on a real railroad signal), a little paint loss on the base and some muted lettering but it is clean overall plus it does light!

The 154 Signal was offered by Lionel in the prewar era plus every year in the postwar era right up until 1969. However, the plastic crossbuck and bayonet-base bulbs help to identify this signal as a 1950-69 accessory.

What it is not: it is not a collector's item; what it is: a great realistic-looking layout piece that works perfectly!
156 Station Platform ===> ===> ===> We have a prewar 156 Station Platform for sale; it is the very uncommon version with GRAY-painted posts!
Click here to go to our Prewar Page to read about a nice, boxed Station Platform from 1942 with the unusual "FLEERS BUBBLE GUM sign!
252 Highway
Crossing Gate
E++/OB Yes $ 35 A sharp operating, illuminated Crossing Gate from 1955:
Photo of the gate.
Completely intact and very, very clean with gorgeous striping! It also has not yellowed with age; it is almost pure white!
Another view of the gate.
Lights and works perfectly!

Photo of the box.
Grade 6 original box (one end flap is not original to this box and is discolored; tears; tape inside; glue residue).
Photo of the nicer end of the box.
Has the insert (a little distorted) and this box is solid: fairly clean, square and sturdy!
Photo of the box insert.
Includes the original envelope #252-49 (tears, creases & tape), correct, original instruction sheet #145-56 (dated 2-55), correct, original #145C contactor and three unused (still coiled) green connecting wires.
Photo of the packing envelope, contactor, instruction sheet and wires.

The 252 crossing gate was offered by Lionel for many years but the instruction sheet and box style help to identify this one as a 1955 accessory. The 252 is a very common item -- but NOT in this condition!
310 Billboard Set VG+/OB Yes $ 40 A complete set of 8 card-stock billboards with 5 plastic frames. This assortment of original billboards from 1950 includes these ads: (AMERICA'S BIG THREE: GRAND CANYON, NIAGARA FALLS, SILVER SPRINGS -- BABY RUTH -- DuPONT ANTI-FREEZE -- FORD -- NASH -- PLYMOUTH -- NORTHERN TISSUE -- WRIGLEY'S).
Photo of the eight billboards.
All of the frames are in excellent plus (or better) condition (intact and very clean). The billboards all have some minor flaws: small tears, ragged edges, small amount of dirt. Overall the billboards are in very good plus (or better) condition.

Photo of the box.
Grade 8+ original "Middle Classic" box (a few stains; minor tears; "aged" look). This box is SOLID: fairly clean, complete and sturdy -- plus there is no tape anywhere! It is one of the nicest 310 boxes we have ever had!
Another view of the box.
An old store price sticker on the box provides a little history of this accessory: it was originally sold by one of the "Sears, Roebuck and Co." stores -- a department store chain founded in 1893 that still exists to this day (barely).

The 1950 set is particularly interesting in that there are three different ads for car manufacturers and another for an automotive product!

Note: The 310 set from 1950 always included five plastic green frames and eight billboards; however through the years, Lionel provided either ten (five extra), eight (three extra), six (one extra) or five billboards in the set -- and in the later years only three billboards (or two less than the number of frames)!

Need illumination for your billboards? We have the 410 blinking billboard light listed below!
356 Operating Freight Station E++/OB Yes $135
A nice operating, illuminated Baggage Station from 1953: has a white building, maroon base and a green roof and was designed for a wayside freight/passenger facility.
Photo of the station.
The station measures 15 inches long, 5 inches wide and 5 1/2 inches high.
Photo of the other side.
Has the six original posters (AIREX -- U. S. SAVINGS BONDS -- AIREX -- BE A SCOUT -- RED CROSS -- COMMUNITY CHEST), three original metal signs (BABY RUTH -- SUNOCO -- RIVAL) and original fencing! The posters have some flaws but are in excellent (or better) condition.
Photo of the end of the building.
Minimal flaws on the building, platform and roof! The station is very clean and completely intact!
An "aerial" view.

Photo of the controller, carts & component box.
Has the correct, original 364C slide switch controller and the original carts (one orange, one dark green) with original men plus the 356-35 component box! The carts are completely intact and clean; the grade 6+ component box has tears, creases & tape but it is clean, complete, square and sturdy! Has the original instruction sheet #356-42, dated 6/53 (missing a small piece, tears, creases, staple holes, tape on the back).
Photo of the instruction sheet.

Photo of the box.
Grade 7 original box (tears; creases; stains; writing; "aged" look; no inserts).
Another view of the box.
Some flaws but this St. Joe Paper Company box is square and sturdy -- plus there is no un-original tape anywhere!
Photo of the manufacturer's information.
The box has the year (1953) on one side indicated by "3" under the manufacturer's information.

The 356 Freight Station was sold by Lionel from 1952-1957 but the instruction sheet and box help to identify this one as a 1953 accessory.

Useful layout piece in a decent box -- plus it lights and works properly! This is the nicest and quietest 356 Station that we have ever had -- absolutely perfect for a layout or display shelf!
494 Operating
Beacon Tower
E++/OB Yes $ 65 A handy operating accessory from the late '50s: this one has the stamped-steel base, tower and platform (all painted red). The tower base measures 5 inches wide by 5 inches long and the overall height of the unit is 11 3/4 inches.
Close-up of the beacon and platform.
The beacon housing is tarnished but it is all original! Minimal flaws on the tower! It is a very, very clean piece with nice vibrant paint!
Close-up of the base and nameplate.

Photo of the box.
Grade 7 original box (tears; creases; mildly distorted; no insert).
Another view of the box.
Some flaws but the box does have all of the flaps plus it is fairly clean and sturdy -- and there is no tape anywhere!
Photo of the front of the box.

The 494 with its vibrator-driven beacon, works much better than the earlier 394 tower with the heat-driven beacon as the change made by Lionel greatly improved operation with immediate, more rapid and consistent rotation of the beacon. One of the nicest 494 Beacon Towers we have ever had -- it lights & works perfectly and it is a stunning piece that will add interest to any layout!
3356-100 Box of Horses E++/OB Yes $ 50 Set of nine (9) ORIGINAL black horses in a grade 6+ original "Late Classic" component box:
Close-up of the horses and another view of the box.
Minimal flaws on the horses; the box has tears plus a puncture and is a little distorted. It is fairly clean, complete and sturdy -- plus there is no tape anywhere!

These good-looking horses are for the 3356 Horse Car and Horse Corral. Note: original horses work much better than the repros that have been made over the years.
3656-9 Box of Cattle E+++/OB Yes $ 40 A complete set of nine (9) good-looking, ORIGINAL black cows in a grade 9+ original "Middle Classic" component box from 1952-55: It is the nicest 3656-34 box we have ever had!
Another view of the cows and another view of the box.
Box flaws: one tear. The box is SOLID: clean, complete, square and sturdy -- plus there is no tape anywhere!

The cows are for the 3656 Cattle Car and 3656-150 Cattle Corral and they came in component boxes from 1949 to 1958 but this "Middle Classic" box (with "American Toys" logo and with a tuck flap number plus "3656-34" on all four sides) all help to date these cows as 1952-55 livestock.

Note: original cows work much better than the repros that have been made over the years!

Postwar Lionel Transformers
Catalog #ItemGradePhotoPriceDescription & More Information
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