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This page contains our current inventory of Postwar Lionel accessories and includes the following:

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Postwar Lionel Accessories
Catalog #ItemGradePhotoPriceDescription & More Information
30 Water Tower VG/OB Yes $ 110 The operating Water Tower with light-amber, single-walled tank, dark gray base, brown trestle, and a light-gray painted roof. Version with a blackened steel shield for the spout. Has the correct, original 96C controller.
Another view.
Has a few cracks in the tank (no loss of plastic) and a couple of re-glued rungs. The accessory is still nice overall as it is complete with all struts and rungs plus it is clean and the spout action works nicely!
Close-up of the roof and spout.
Includes the correct, original instruction sheet #30-11 (dated 5/49).
Photo of the instruction sheet.

Photo of the box.
Grade 6 original box (tears; creases; stains; corner dents; mildly distorted; missing the small square spacer insert).
Another view of the box.
Has the elaborate liner and this box is still useful as it is sturdy plus it has all of the flaps; it will protect the water tower in shipping and in storage.
Photo of the box liner.
The preprinted orange labels on this "Star Corrugated Box Company" box date this accessory as a 1950 piece!
Close-up of the manufacturer's information.

The tank measures 6 inches wide with an overall height of a little over 10 inches. This impressive and realistic-looking accessory is perfect for a layout as the flaws are not that noticeable as can be seen (or actually not seen) in the photos. If you have a steamer on your layout, this 30 Water Tower will be the ideal complement.
35 Boulevard
Lamp Post
E++/OB Yes $ 30 A very nice, silver-painted, die-cast lamp post from 1945-49: has an opalescent, octagonal lampshade that is topped by a cap shaped like a crown of thorns. The quaint fixture measures 6 1/8 inches high. Made before WW2 as well as after but this is the postwar version.
Photo of the back of the lamp post.
Very, very clean, all original and all intact -- and of course, the fixture does light!
Photo of the base underside.

Photo of the box.
Grade 8+ original box (stains; dent); a very, very nice box -- complete; no tape; rather brick-like!
Another view of the box.

File photo showing a 1941-42 prewar version and a postwar version of the #35.
The postwar version is painted silver; the 1941-42 version of the prewar version is painted medium gray.
File photo showing a close-up of the bases of both the prewar and postwar versions.

This useful layout piece is described in one guidebook as "a detailed replica of a prototype design that can still be seen in some American towns and cities." This one is the nicest #35 Lamp Post we have ever had for sale!
93 Water Tower ===> ===> ===> If you are looking for a #93 (all-metal) Water Tower, we have a very clean, boxed prewar one for sale.
Click here to go to our Prewar Page to read about a very nice Water Tower from 1936.
128 Animated Newsstand E++/OB Yes $225 A nice operating newsstand from 1957: version with the APPLE-GREEN shack plus a tan base and a red roof.
Photo of the newsstand.
Has the correct, original 364C slide switch.
Another view of the newsstand.
All original (including the roof, decals, newspaper, dog & hydrant) with minimal flaws (just a little discoloration in the color of the roof). It is all intact and very, very clean with near-perfect decals. The metal base is also very, very clean with no rust!
An "aerial" view.
Lights and works perfectly!
File Photo comparing an apple-green newsstand to a dark-green version.
The apple-green newsstand is much harder to find than the dark green version!

Photo of the box.
Grade 9 original box (creases; minor stains; no insert).
Another view of the box.
The box is SOLID: clean, square and very sturdy -- plus there is no un-original tape anywhere!
Photo of the bottom of the box.

Sharp-looking piece in the nicest 128 box we have ever had; it is a great operating accessory with illumination & animation. If you need some action on your layout, this item will provide it! It is the nicest and quietest 128 Newsstand we have ever had!
154 Highway
Crossing Signal
E+ Yes $ 30 Very useful illuminated highway crossing signal offered by Lionel for many years: version from 1949 with die-cast crossbuck with black lettering plus screw-type bulbs in the target.
Photo of the back of the signal.
The crossbuck has yellowed with age plus there is a small amount surface rust on the back of the crossbuck. In addition, the bulbs are reproduction items. The signal is very clean overall with gorgeous lettering.
Close-up of the crossbuck and bulbs.
Includes the correct #154C contactor and the correct original instruction sheet #154-20, dated 7-49.
Photo of the instruction sheet and contactor.

Note that this signal has a die-cast crossbuck with raised (embossed) lettering which identifies it as an early postwar signal. The lettering on the prewar version is not raised.
File photo showing the crossbuck on a prewar version and a postwar version.

A good-looking signal -- plus it works perfectly! Hard to envision a layout without a highway crossing signal.
214 Girder Bridge E-/OB Yes $ 25 A single-span, "U. S. STEEL" girder bridge:
Photo of the other side of the bridge.
This version (without "6418" on the sides) was made from 1953-55. It measures 10 inches long, 2 inches high, 4 1/2 inches wide. Black with white lettering -- the base is made of sheet metal while the sides are plastic.
An "aerial" view showing the inside of the base.
A little rust on a few of the rivet heads plus a small crack (no loss of plastic) by one of the rivets. In addition, there are various (very light) scratches (with no loss of paint) on the base thus providing evidence that this item was once used on a layout. The flaws are not severe and this bridge is still nice: the sides of the bridge are very clean with sharp lettering and nice cross-hatching.
Photo of the underside of the metal base.

Photo of the box.
Grade 7+ original box (minor tears; a few stains; a little tape). A few flaws but the box is solid: fairly clean, complete, square and sturdy! It is also the correct "Middle Classic" box for this version of the 214 Bridge.
Another view of the box.

Nice, inexpensive, useful item for an operator; the 214 Girder Bridge always adds interest to a layout!
310 Billboard Set E/E+
Yes $ 55 A complete set of 10 card-stock billboards with 5 plastic frames. This assortment of original billboards from 1951 has five automobile/travel-related ads plus five food/home-related ads: (AMERICA'S BIG THREE: GRAND CANYON, NIAGARA FALLS, SILVER SPRINGS -- ATLANTIC GAS -- BABY RUTH -- DuPONT ANTI-FREEZE -- FRIGIDAIRE -- GENERAL TIRE -- HALLICRAFTERS TELEVISIONS -- HEINZ SOUPS -- PLYMOUTH -- WRIGLEY'S). This is only the third 1951 set that we have ever offered for sale.
Photo of all ten billboards.
All of the frames are intact and in excellent-plus (or better) condition. The billboards were separated but they have only minor flaws; overall the billboards are clean, intact and in excellent (or better) condition.

Photo of the box.
Grade 8+ original "Middle Classic" box (some dirt). This box is solid: fairly clean, complete, square & sturdy!
Another view of the box.

Note: The 310 set always included five plastic green frames; however through the years, Lionel provided either ten (five extra), eight (three extra), six (one extra) or five billboards in the set -- and in the later years only three billboards (or two less than the number of frames)!

Need illumination for your billboards? We have the 410 blinking billboard light listed below!
310 Complete 1952
Billboard Sheet
E/E+ Yes $ 45 A complete 1952 uncut sheet of 10 card-stock billboards. This assortment of original billboards includes these ads: (PLYMOUTH -- WRIGLEY'S -- SUNSWEET -- HEINZ -- FRIGIDAIRE -- BABY RUTH -- DuPONT -- SUNOCO -- SILVER SPRINGS -- GENERAL TIRE).
Close-up of my two favorite billboards.
Some moisture stains on the border and on four of the billboards. Uncut sheets from any year are very hard to find and overall, this sheet is very presentable.
Photo of the billboards with stains.

If you have a boxed 1952 Lionel train set, it is not complete without this billboard sheet!
334 Dispatch Board E+/OB Yes $395 An illuminated, operating Dispatch Board from 1957-60: has a light green board with white lettering on the front plus a multi-colored Airex advertisement and a simulated, lithographed "LIONEL TRAVEL CENTER" on the back.
Photo of the back of the unit.
The base measures 9 7/8 inches wide by 4 1/8 inches deep and the overall height of the unit is 7 1/2 inches.
Two side views of the unit.
A couple of minor paint chips and one light scratch on the board plus a few light scuff marks on the black shroud and that's about it for flaws! The unit is very, very clean and nothing is cracked or broken! The unit lights and works perfectly at around 12 volts! Has the original man.
Photo of the instruction sheet and the controller.
Includes the original instruction sheet #334-86, dated 9/57 (tears, creases, stains) and the correct 90C Controller.

Photo of the box.
Grade 7+ original box (creases; stains; writing).
Another view of the box.
This corrugated box was made by the Express Container Corp.
Photo of the back showing the box manufacturer's identification and data.
Has ALL THREE inserts (some creases) and this box is solid: fairly clean, complete, square and sturdy -- plus there is no un-original tape anywhere! this is the first 334 box we have ever had with all three inserts!
Photo of the box inserts.

A great layout piece -- when this clever accessory is energized, the board lights up and the man walks across the front while the dial spins to show the next arriving train. We have not had many Dispatch Boards over the years and this 334 is a nice one -- and it is in a strong box!
Our Archives Page has more information on 334 Dispatch Boards.
395 Floodlight Tower Ex./OB Yes $ 85 An all-metal, four-light, silver-painted floodlight tower from 1952 only: this one is the heavier stamped-steel version NOT the common (much lighter) unpainted aluminum version from 1954-55.
An "aerial" view providing a close-up of the platform.
Rust in two corners of the base and a small amount of surface rust in another spot on the base and that's about it for flaws. It is very clean overall with nice shiny silver and a very nice ID plate -- and of course, it does light.
Photo of the base showing the ID plate.
Has the correct original instruction sheet #395-37, dated 8/49.
Photo of the instruction sheet.

Photo of the box.
Grade 7 original box (tears; creases; tape; glue residue; stains; mildly distorted; no inserts).
Another view of the box.
Some flaws but the box is still useful as it has both end flaps and all four inner flaps -- plus it is sturdy; it will protect the light tower in shipment and in storage. It is also the correct "OPS" box for the silver-painted tower!
Close-up of the "OPS" data.

If you need some light on your layout, this piece will do it! Impressive structure measuring 5 inches wide by 5 inches long by 11 1/2 inches high.
410 Billboard Blinker ======
Yes $ 75 A blinking lamp metal fixture from 1956-58 that was NEVER USED! The 410 was made to work with a 310 billboard (which was sold separately). It has a bi-metallic strip which can be adjusted to either have the light glow continuously or to flash intermittently at various rates.
Photo of the front of the fixture.
Has the original instruction sheet #410-19 dated 6/56, two unused (still coiled) connecting wires and FREE for your layout: a "Snow Crop Peas" billboard ad from 1956 with frame! (Lionel sold the billboards & frames separately.)
Photo of the instruction sheet.
A few small rust spots in places but nothing major and that's it for flaws; it is a very clean piece!
Photo showing the fixture attached to a 310 frame with a billboard advertising "Snow Crop Peas."
Bench tested and the unit works perfectly!
Photo of the back of the fixture.

Photo of the box.
Grade 7+ original box (tears; minor scrape; writing; creases).
Another view of the box.

The 410 is a very handy layout item; this one is nice -- and it's in a very presentable box that is clean, complete & sturdy with no tape anywhere!

Need some billboards and frames? We have the 310 billboard Set from 1951 listed above!
450 Overhead Signal Bridge Ex./OB Yes $ 60 Prototypical, dual-track signal bridge from early 1953:
Photo of the signal bridge.
This authentic-looking accessory has two sets of red & green lights and has an inside width of 7 1/2 inches and an inside height of 6 inches.
Photo of the back of the signal bridge.
Minor rust, a few scratches and a couple of paint chips on the metal bridge plus the plastic bases have some scratches and a small melt mark inside providing evidence that this piece was once used on a layout. The flaws are rather insignificant and the accessory still looks good as it is clean with nice vibrant paint -- plus it works perfectly!
Photo of the envelope, instruction sheet, contactor and service station listings booklet.
Has the original envelope (part #450-43 and dated 10/52), the original instruction sheet #450-42 (dated 10/52) and the original #153C contactor. It also has the original 1952-1953 Lionel Service Station Listings Booklet (which Lionel included with all of their larger accessories).

Photo of the box.
Grade 8+ original box (tears; creases; scrapes; minor stains).
Another view of the box.
Has the insert and this box is SOLID: fairly clean, complete, square & sturdy -- plus there is no tape anywhere!
Photo of the box insert.

One of the most realistic signals made by Lionel in the postwar period -- it is a fantastic layout piece!
3530-50 =============
Transformer Pole

for the
3530 GM Generator Car
E+++ Yes $ 30
Here's an item that does not show up separately very often: the Transformer Pole & Remote Searchlight for the GM Generator Car sold from 1956-58.
Photo of the base.
Minimal flaws, all original, very clean -- and, of course, it does work!

Although sold with the car, this item can also be used separately on a layout.

Postwar Lionel Transformers
Catalog #ItemGradePhotoPriceDescription & More Information
None available at the moment; please let us know if you need a transformer and we will get one ready!

LIONEL Motor Racing Equipment
Cat #ItemGradePhotoPriceDescription
5160 Official
Yes $475 A very scarce item from 1963 only -- the Raceway Viewing Stand offered by Lionel as part of their "Motor Racing Series." Has the original flag poles, speakers and roof antenna stand with antennas.
Photo of the Viewing Stand.
The plastic structure has a red elevated control room with clear, plastic windows plus a gray roof and a buff-colored base. The control room contains a paper insert depicting workers and racing fans.
Photo of back and one corner of the Viewing Stand.
Roof and base have some minor discoloration in the plastic and that's it for flaws! It is all original, completely intact and very clean with sharp lettering plus the paper insert is clean and intact!
Another view.
This impressive looking accessory measures 11 inches long by 5 inches wide by 6 1/2 inches high (excluding the flag poles, speakers and roof antenna).
An "aerial" view.
The structure of this accessory is similar in design to the 365 Dispatching Station, the 419 Heliport and the 465 Sound Dispatching Station reflecting Lionel's attempt to save tooling costs.
File photo showing a 5160 Viewing Stand assembled with flag poles, speakers and the antenna.

Has the original envelope #5160-12 (which was NEVER OPENED) containing the original instruction sheet, antenna stand, 2 antennas, 2 horns and the 2 flag poles!
Photo of the SEALED envelope and flag sheet.
Has the original (complete) sheet of track flags (#5160-30 & dated 4/63).

Photo of the box.
Grade 7+ original, beige, "Mead Corporation" corrugated box.
Another view of the box.
Flaws: stains, writing, small dent, punctures, a few stains.
Photo of the top of the box.
Overall, this box is solid: complete, square and sturdy! It is a brick!
Photo of the bottom of the box.
Has both original inserts!
Photo of the box inserts.

If you like high-quality items, if you like obscure pieces, if you like automobiles, if you like car racing, if you have a layout with an auto theme or if you are fascinated by the entire product line of the Lionel Corporation, consider this piece. It is very unusual and it is the first unused Viewing Stand we have ever had!

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